JL Billet AR15 7.3" Angle Cut M-Lok Handguard

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JL Billet 7.3" AR15 MLA Free-Float M-Lok Angled Handguard

The continuous top rail allows you to mount iron sights, optics and any other accessories without additional rail sections. The M-Lok system allows users to customize the handguard with rail sections and direct mount accessories. The handguard is constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and finished with a Mil-Spec type III hard coat black anodizing.

The MLA has a precision bore to fit the proprietary barrel nut which removes any unwanted play and ensures an exact fit!! Installation requires a 1-1/8" Crows Foot wrench (not included) for the barrel nut; standard AR-15 barrel nut wrenches will not work with this handguard system. The handguard is secured to the barrel nut by 2 10/32 allen screws, stainless steel key seat lock, and anti-slip helicoils.


Technical Information:

  • Material: Hard coat anodized aluminum handguard, aluminum barrel nut, 304 SS key seat

  • Precision bore

  • 1913 Picatinny continuous top rail

  • Accepts M-Lok rail sections & accessories (2 x 5 slot sections included)

  • Requires 1-1/8" Crows Foot wrench and medium strength thread locker (not included)

  • Weight is 4.9 oz. without barrel nut

Download Installation Instructions


4 Reviews

  • 5
    Fast Shipping

    Posted by brandont0003@gmail.com on 13th Aug 2020

    Really fast shipping, I was expecting to get it in 4 days but got it in 2days. The packaging was well put together. Overall, a great product.

  • 4
    Good product

    Posted by Andrew, CA on 10th Nov 2018

    I have a strange experience. I ordered the first one in black because I didn't know they offered it in raw finish. I tried to send the finish for a build I was revamping. I called customer service and asked if they offered it in raw. They said there was a button to click on the site but it wans't there. They said give them a few minutes and they will add it. So, a few mins later, I saw the button and ordered the second in raw. Now, seeing the button would have saved me 150 bucks, but, I guess I could have called first. Anyway, I couldn't return the first one because I did a terrible job stripping it. Anyway, Both finishes were very nice. Product seemed very well made. Fitment was just right.

  • 5
    Great finishing touch

    Posted by Paul Panepinto on 8th May 2017

    The light weight, design, and easy installation make this a great handguard for my 9mm build.

  • 4
    Awsome design and quality but....

    Posted by Will on 27th May 2015

    First off, this design is awesome. It looks great on my build. I had already ordered the Phase 5 Slope Nose hand guard. But when I seen this one the next damn day, I never even used my Phase 5 rail and just went after this one. It doesn't really matter I guess as I do a lot of builds and can use it for another one. These were back ordered for a while and the ones that finally came in were pretty much already spoken for. So I appreciate the fact I was able to get one. I met Jimmy in person and picked it up at his shop. And let me tell you, this guys quality on all his parts are excellent. After seeing everything in person versus just on the website, I was very impressed. Everything about this hand guard is great. But there is just one warning and it's not "really" the hand guards fault, although I think there could've been a design tweak implemented into it to keep what I'm about to tell you from happening. The hand guard comes with two picatinny rails which is great. However, when I went to screw one in, it damaged the rail. The screw didn't lock in completely perpendicular to the m-lok slot so it pushed the material outward through the rail. Really pissed me off cuz I just got this nice hand guard and this happened on day one. There isn't any type of back plating or notch cut into the guard to help it seat properly. Now again, this is more of a problem with the rail attachments it comes with. So I tried the other rail and it did the same thing on the same screw. So basically, if the m-lok slot runs North and South, the screw locked in North East and South West versus straight up West and East. Again, it pushed the material of the hand guard out through the front. So I had to file it down and try to make it look pretty again. You just have to be really careful when locking the rails in. I used an extra tool to hold only that one screw in place while tightening it down. I'm not sure why just that one side kept screwing in weird. The other side kept locking in perfectly with no manipulation. And this was the case for both rail attachments it came with. So all in all, I'm still super excited about this and love it. A part of me is still very worried that this will get worse over time. I don't plan on taking my Elzetta Mini Cqb light off of it anytime soon so I guess it should be ok. Just a little frustrating. Anyways, buy this hand guard. You will freaking love it. I'm gonna buy another one 2 build from this one.